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Victory: The Battle of Moscow (23:08)

I have heard this is what the little Soviet children were taught. Sadly for them , history has been written quite differently by EVERYONE else in the world. We do thank the #RussianPeople for their ongoing struggle against truly vile fascistic exploitation as they are currently enduring under the totalitarian regime (for life?) Of Vladimir Putin, a Tsar for the 21st Century. Good luck #RussianPeople


In St. Petersburg, the activists handed out badges with a new symbol of the Victory Day

So many dead.

To Inform is to Influence

In St. Petersburg, more than 30 activists of the coalition “Democratic Petersburg” near the metro station “Victory Park” on Friday, handing out badges with the image of red poppies and leaflets explaining the meaning of the new symbolism of Victory Day, adopted a year ago in Ukraine as an alternative to St. George Ribbon.

As the correspondent of Radio Liberty Victor Rezunkov, leaflets said: “The symbol of red poppies as a sign of memory for those who died in the war originates in the poem of the Canadian military physician John McCrea.Those who are close to our understanding of the memory of the war, above all, as a tragedy that…

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Looking for List of Dismissed Russian Generals

Me too.

To Inform is to Influence

I’m looking for the list of Generals just dismissed by Putin.

Remember this blog I just published? Putin just dismissed nearly 20 generals

We’re also trying to find out what job(s) they may have had in the past year. Then we’re trying to figure out why they were fired.

Can anybody help us?

Pretty please with a cherry on top?

  • The first deputy commander of the central regional military command, Vladimir Padalko
  • Lieutenant general of police, Sergey Lavrov

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Zorenium Bot Coming to the iPhone Nearest to You

Timely data. Thanks @SenCyblog

Cyber Threat Insider Blog

Written by Tanya Koyfman and Assaf Keren

Recently our analysts have been monitoring the advancement of a new threat in the commercial malware theater – the Zorenium Bot. Zorenium a relatively new and unknown bot, which has been up for sale in the underground from January 2014 is getting new features in its March 18th update, including, also, ability to infect iOS devices (version 5-7), alongside its existing capabilities to run on Linux and Windows based machines. Also, in this update, the developers have updated the rootkit to TDL4 (This making it vulnerable to anti TDSS tools).


Capture of the recent release notifications

Zorenium, a relative of Betabot, is a very robust bot which is still undetected by most AV companies. It has several key abilities, including DDoS, Formgrabbing, Bot-killing, Banking Trojan and Bitcoin mining. The cost of a basic Zorenium bot is 350 GBP and with advanced…

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